Petro Technical Services, Geosolutions Intern

Degree: Geology
Institute: University of Tulsa
"Diversity at Schlumberger was apparent from day one."

Career Profile: Travis

"In my studies as a geologist, Schlumberger’s contributions to subsurface interpretation were readily apparent and proved to be an integral part of my education. It was therefore an easy choice to pursue any opportunity with Schlumberger that would enhance my knowledge base as a Geoscientist. As an intern, I was exposed to the latest iterations of Petrel and Omega Advanced Algorithms software suites as well as seismic data processing best practice workflows. Along with technical training, I met with current clients to better understand their expectations and concerns. My internship with Schlumberger has been invaluable by providing me with a unique skill set that I can continually draw from throughout my professional career.

"My manager and mentors knew my background was in geology and went out of their way to explain concepts I had not previously been exposed to within geophysics. With this support system I was able to learn a great deal.

"Diversity at Schlumberger was apparent from day one, especially as it is an international company. Schlumberger has a highly diverse workforce from all over the world with the goal of attaining the best and brightest in every field regardless of gender or country of origin. In all cases, having a highly diverse workforce aided in concept development and workflow implementation when it came to data processing where the sharing of ideas leads to a more accurate subsurface model.”