The Petrel Virtual Training Program

The Petrel Virtual Training Program enables you to learn how to use the Petrel E&P software platform in a fun and effective manner. Integrating with Petrel software as an Ocean plug-in, you can view video tutorials and complete real-world interactive exercises from within your own Petrel project.

  • Improve your Petrel proficiency at your own pace while complementing your university education.
  • Get real-time feedback on the quality of your interpretation during the interactive exercises.
  • Training progress is accessed and tracked via the Schlumberger Support Portal, providing official documentation of your competence.

How to get started

To access the training, a plug-in needs to be downloaded and installed into your university’s Petrel environment. You will also need a university e-mail address, an internet connection (for registration and recording your progress), and a valid Petrel license.

The complete package (including the Virtual Internship plug-in for Petrel software, videos, and projects prepared for the exercise sessions) can be downloaded from the Software Download Center, accessed through your registration on the Schlumberger Support Portal.

Register for Petrel Virtual Training today

How it works

Once signed in to the Virtual Training Program, you can run the first tutorial: Horizon Interpretation.
Upon successful completion, the next tutorial becomes available and an evaluation code is issued—this code allows you to return to the same point in your training at a later date, even from a different computer.