The study of petrophysics is helping our industry to become more efficient. Determining the volume of hydrocarbons present in a reservoir, and its potential to flow through the reservoir rock into the wellbore, helps us to understand and optimize the producibility of a reservoir.

Our Petrophysicists are key members of our geoscience and petrotechnical team. They combine logging data from multiple downhole sensors with core and sample data to determine the hydrocarbon production capacity, lithology and fluid saturation of a reservoir.

As a Petrophysicist you’d also be incorporating the results from multiple wells and additional sensors to include acoustics, spectroscopy, and magnetic resonance to enhance and clarify the overall results or determine additional reservoir characteristics such as permeability and mechanical properties.

We are looking for people who are

  • technically competent in relevant disciplines
  • focused on quality
  • technically curious
  • looking to advance quickly and take on responsibility
  • effective contributors to a team
  • good communicators.

To apply for a position as a Petrophysicist you’ll need a PhD, master's or bachelor's in a relevant discipline.

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Giovanni Name: Giovanni Position: Geomodeling Engineer

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