Geomodeling Engineer

Location: Paris, France
Degree: Master's, geophysics
Institute: University of Milan
Start Date: 2005
"I am in a fantastic job, at a turning point in history."


Career Profile: Giovanni


"I joined Schlumberger Carbon Services because I was attracted by the opportunity to apply the skills that I had developed as a geoscientist in the oilfield industry in an unusual context. I thought that this would be a job that required a lot of imagination; and I was right! 

"I have always enjoyed working in out-of-the-ordinary environments. I joined Schlumberger in 2005 as a wireline engineer in the North Sea, and then moved to geological software support in Italy. I was asked to help the Carbon Services team on a project in Italy in 2007, and from there my involvement grew. I joined the team full time in February 2009, and in just a few months I have been involved with projects from three continents, been trained and coached on a variety of tools, got to know my colleagues worldwide, and have been involved in business development, research, and marketing.

"I work with people from extremely diverse backgrounds. We use our skills to develop, test and apply new solutions, communicating across disciplines and organizational levels. I especially like the smaller environment, which gives you the chance to contribute individually to a project.

"Geological characterization of sequestration reservoirs, market analysis for carbon capture and storage, and software workflow evaluations are just some of the projects I have worked on. I never get bored—everyday brings something new, and not an hour goes by without sharing ideas with my colleagues.

"To sum up, I am in a fantastic job, at a turning point in history (given the questions posed by global warming), in a wonderful location. What more could one ask for?"