Reservoir Engineer (Petroleum Engineer)

Safety, efficiency, and improved recovery from every reservoir are the aims of our industry. As a Reservoir Engineer you’ll join a multidisciplinary team that often includes both Schlumberger and client petrotechnical experts. You’ll use data from our tools and services to create reservoir models with our software products and solutions. You’ll evaluate the production potential of a reservoir by simulating fluid flow phase behavior and reservoir physical properties. You’ll also help deliver the information clients need to make safer, optimal, long-term production decisions for each reservoir.

Reservoir Engineers may also provide support for the implementation of software products, services, and solutions in a client’s office and see that their complex engineering and data challenges are met. Because models are continually validated with actual reservoir data, you may be involved in specific projects for several months if not years. With each project you’ll have the opportunity to develop the skills to control data quality and participate in field development planning to optimize production. By ensuring the accuracy of models, clients can take decisions more confidently over the life cycle of a field.

We are looking for people who are

  • detail-oriented but can interpret a wide range of well data
  • methodical, analytical, and process oriented
  • looking for exposure to a wide range of projects
  • eager to progress quickly
  • effective contributors to a team
  • good communicators.

Throughout your career, you will be encouraged to grow your abilities through education, training, and professional development. Our formal technical career ladder allows you to advance your career at your own pace.

See what others say about the position:

Chun Name: Chun Lin Position: Reservoir Domain Champion
Daniel Dias Name: Daniel Position: Senior Reservoir Engineer
Name: Joseph Position: Reservoir Engineer (Technical Marketing)
Kirsty Burton Name: Kirsty Position: Quality Assurance Manager, Simulations
Mark Shotton Name: Mark Position: Quality Assurance Manager
Samita Santoshini Name: Samita Position:
Haytham Name: Haytham Position: Reservoir Engineer and Business Development Manager

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