Senior Reservoir Engineer

Location: Abingdon, UK
Degree: MSc Chemical Engineering
Start Date: 2009
"The only thing you can be certain of is that the next day will be completely different!"
Daniel Dias

Can you briefly describe your career to date?

I spent my first six months in intensive training in the UK. My first job was as a technical support in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I worked alongside some of the largest oil companies in the world using Schlumberger technology. After two years, I wanted to understand the business aspect more, so moved into Technical Sales. I was responsible for the development of the reservoir engineering software business in Brazil. Looking to broaden my technical horizons, I was then transferred back to Abingdon as a Senior Reservoir Engineer.

What attracted you to Schlumberger and why did you decide to join us?

I have always been passionate about technology. The idea of being able to work with cutting-edge tools was what attracted me to Schlumberger. Ultimately it was the knowledge sharing which is encouraged in the company that made me stay. It didn’t take me long to realize that the two things walked hand-in-hand.

Can you describe a typical day for you?

The only thing you can be certain of is that the next day will be completely different!

How do you describe what you do to your family?

Reservoir engineers gather data and create computer models to mimic how the reservoir will behave once production starts. This way, we can test many different strategies and predict which is the most profitable.

What do you enjoy most about working for Schlumberger?

As a services company, we are always working with a client in mind. Knowing that you are able to create something that makes that person’s job easier, or solves a specific issue that they have, is extremely satisfying.

What types of challenges do you face in your job?

Reservoir engineering is a discipline that requires integration from many different domains such as geology, geophysics, production engineering and economics. Being able to communicate and interact across these different disciplines is a challenge.

How is teamwork important in your job?

Teamwork is extremely important, as many of the problems we try to solve require expertise in many different disciplines, the best results come when a mutual learning relationship is created.

Why is diversity important in our company culture?

Diversity means the same problem can be approached in different ways. Working together in a diverse environment means understanding this and playing to everyone’s strengths to achieve the best possible outcome.

How do you manage your work life balance?

The best approach is to always commit 100% to what you are doing. This means work hard, but enjoy your days off even more!

What does leadership mean to you?

I have always enjoyed the “leading by example” philosophy, where a leader is a person who consistently pushes themselves to perform better each time, and in doing so inspires the people around them.

What does innovation mean at Schlumberger?

I think innovation in Schlumberger is more than just a way to keep ahead of the game—it is embedded in the company’s DNA.

What is your experience of training at Schlumberger?

My experience is that training is taken very seriously in the company—the people developing and delivering these materials are often the best and most experienced the company has to offer. It is also an integral part of a technical career progression—the more competence you build, the bigger the opportunities you will have.