Former Military Careers

You stay calm under pressure, have great attention to detail and you are prepared to work long hours to achieve your career and life goals. Sounds like you’re just who we’re looking for.

Just as your career in the military may have taken you all over the world, so too can a career in the oilfield, potentially to some of the most inhospitable places! Our Field personnel adapt to many environments—and living and working at the wellsite at times produces a high pressure and challenging environment. This climate helps bring people together, and the respect and trust that develop between colleagues often create friendships that last a lifetime.

Professional Training and Development

As a Schlumberger Field Specialist, you’ll follow an initial fixed-step training program that lasts up to 5 years. But the job and its responsibilities are real—from day one.

Our Maintenance Technicians also follow a training program, and we help you to transfer existing skills to our industry. The program includes; on-the-job technical training for our tools, services, and equipment, and encourages proactive participation in training management.

Challenging Work

We have hundreds of operating locations in the USA; on any given day, you will face challenges you never expected, and opportunities to deliver excellence for our clients.

Leadership Opportunities

We set no limits for the ambitious and those who want to learn and grow. We develop talented leaders who have the hunger to continue their growth with us.


There are some familiarities between military and oilfield lifestyles; the field roles are 24/7 environments and on location, you will normally have to share amenities with your coworkers. We pay special attention to make sure living conditions are appropriate. However, you need to be flexible and have a healthy sense of humor!

Where do you fit?

If you have at least 5 years’ military experience as a mechanic, electrician, technician, or in electronics, you could apply for a Maintenance Technician role.

If you have at least 5 years’ military experience in a general combat or infantry position, you could apply for a Field Specialist role.

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USA Employee Benefits Summary

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