Field Engineer

Degree: Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
Institute: Diponegoro University
Start Date: 2011
"Schlumberger opens the door to many opportunities."

Career Profile: Buna

“As a Field Engineer working in the drilling domain, my role centers around operations—from prejob planning to execution to the after-job evaluation process. I apply the latest MWD and LWD technologies and services to deliver advanced formation evaluation and achieve drilling optimization objectives.

“Field Engineer crews are assigned to a specific cell on a rig, and as a Cell Manager, I coordinate a group of three field engineers. I’ve just recently gone from Trainee to Field Engineer, and being given the responsibility to lead a job has really pushed my boundaries and shaped me into a better person, personally and professionally. I enjoy communicating with a diverse range of professionals at the job site—including customers. There’s something new to learn every time I visit a rig.”

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