Field Engineer

Location: The Hague, Netherlands
Degree: Masters, chemical engineering
Institute: Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine University of London
Start Date: 2007
"I will continue to meet many new and interesting challenges."

Career Profile: Jonathan

Jonathan works for the Well Services division of Schlumberger, with a particular focus on cementing operations. Specially formulated cement is pumped into the space between the rock sides of a well and the steel tubing through which oil or gas flows to the surface. It is critical that the cement fully fills the space and remains intact for the life of the well, otherwise gas and fluids could flow from one rock formation to another, or potentially escape to the surface.

“After the company introductory course in Paris, I began as a trainee field engineer in Aberdeen, UK, where I started learning about the equipment being used offshore. After a year of training—at schools and on the job—I was assigned to a project in the North Sea. I would typically spend periods of about 3-weeks on an offshore rig, and then a week in the office. It was awe-inspiring to see the enormous rigs in the North Sea, the technology they applied, and the conditions they are able to work in.

I think that working for an advanced services company such as Schlumberger offers an excellent grounding in the oilfield industry, providing hands-on work and individual responsibility faster than would be usual with an oil and gas operating company. It also provides exposure to a broader range of projects and more opportunities for worldwide travel. I have already learned a lot and am sure that I will continue to meet many new and interesting challenges.”

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