Field Sales Representative

Degree: Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering
Institute: Syracuse University
Start Date: 2011
"Being a market and technology leader made Schlumberger the obvious employer of preference for me."

Career Profile: Matthew

“As a Field Sales Representative I’m responsible for driving opportunities for bits and other advanced technology products and services. Central to my role is developing and maintaining relationships with key customers. No day is the same—I could be collecting and processing data for bit runs, reviewing product performance, or analyzing bit records in order to advise customers on which products best suit their needs.

“I really enjoy analyzing performance charts and assessing our product portfolio. I also love having direct interaction with others on the rig and making lots of potential customer and peer contacts. Learning about market dynamics and the different types of bits and drilling products that are coming out is also interesting. The main challenge when starting out in this role was establishing how customers operate and what their needs are so that I can fully meet their requirements.

“Schlumberger is really helping me develop my career. Employees are carefully matched with positions that best suit their skillsets and maximize the scope for career progression. There is lots of room for maneuvers.”