Integrated Services Project Manager

Location: Quito, Ecuador
Degree: Bachelors, Petroleum Engineering
Institute: Fundacion Universidad de America
Start Date: 2004
"There are endless opportunities for development, but ultimately it’s up to you to work hard and strive for your goals."


Career Profile: Monica


Can you briefly describe your career to date?

“I started as a field engineer for Integrated Project Management (IPM) working on a rotating schedule performing wellsite supervisor duties at night. After that, I undertook well engineering training and spent some days at the office during my time off. The well engineering training meant I could take on extra responsibility at the office and I then became a senior well engineer cell leader—responsible for planning and executing all activities focused around drilling a well, for up to four rigs at the same time.

Following this, I had the opportunity to assume the role of project manager working in different countries for various clients—the scope of the work we undertake really highlights the value of our integrated services. Now I am working in a business development position where I have to integrate my technical knowledge and my experience in a project management role for a better understanding of customer expectations. A significant part of my job involves finding new ways for Schlumberger to do business.”

What attracted you to Schlumberger, and why did you decide to join us?

“Even back in college I was attracted to Schlumberger because of its pioneering approach to technology innovation and research. When I had a chance to be a part of this I took it without a second thought, and a few weeks later I found myself on a plane to another country to start my blue adventure.”

What do you enjoy most about working for Schlumberger?

“I still believe that Schlumberger is an oilfield services company that provides growth opportunities for all employees, no matter what your background, nationality, culture or gender; this is a corporate feature unlike a lot of other companies.”

What is the training like at Schlumberger?

“It’s hard and intense, but very rewarding at the same time. It is very comprehensive and gives you all the tools you need to understand the oil and gas industry.”

What opportunities are there for you to progress in your career?

“In Schlumberger, we have access to a lot of information and support. There are endless opportunities for development, but ultimately it’s up to you to work hard and strive for your goals.”

What types of challenges do you face in your job?

“Challenges of a cultural nature; when you are working in different countries it can be daunting but you have to put yourself out there.

Sometimes, there are preconceptions about the ability of women to accomplish certain jobs. In both these situations, it’s up to me to demonstrate my capability, attitude and self-confidence to show I am just as competent as anyone else.”

What is the working environment like?

“It depends—I’ve had lots of different experiences in lots of locations around the world but in the end it comes down to the people you’re with. You can be in a cramped place with tiny windows on a rig platform or in a spacious room with a beautiful view—if you have a great team, you enjoy your work wherever you are. I think the diversity at Schlumberger helps to promote new ways of thinking, encourages creativity and stimulates innovation, which makes it an inspiring workplace.”

Think back to when you first started…what will you never forget?

“On one of my first jobs, the tool pusher asked me if I was an MWD engineer. I told him that I was the well engineer. He didn’t understand very well but recognized my blue overalls and said, “You are Schlumberger: you are good.” I immediately felt proud that I was recognized as a Schlumberger employee and that meant I’d already earned some respect from the rig crew.”