Artificial Lift Manager

Location: Canada
Degree: Electrician
Start Date: 1999
"I made the right decision when I chose this company."


Career Profile: Darrel


What does the motto "Borderless Careers" really mean? Ask Darrel, a Schlumberger artificial lift manager based in Calgary, Canada.

"Field specialists can be senior managers," says Darrel. "It's not just reserved to engineers."

With a journeyman electrician certificate, Darrel started out in the Canadian oilfields 25 years ago as a field technician. Today he runs the Schlumberger Artificial Lift business in Canada.

He joined us in 1999 when Schlumberger acquired the oilfield company he used to work for and Darrel decided to stay on.

"I made the right decision," he says. "The opportunities Schlumberger has given me have been wonderful. I've had the opportunity to learn and manage businesses and product lines I didn't know before and I've been exposed to the personnel profession. All this has broadened my experience and knowledge base."

So, is Darrel surprised by how far he has come? Not really. "I was always confident I was going to make it," Darrel confides, then jokes: "I think my family is little surprised though."