Field Specialist

Location: Bakersfield, California, USA
Degree: Previous Experience - U.S. Army
Start Date: 2008
"Integrity, honesty, discipline and the desire to succeed in life are my main day-to-day focus."


Career Profile: James


James works in a Schlumberger group that performs various operations in a well after it has been drilled. These include deploying high-technology tools using coil tubing (CT), which is heavy-duty flexible steel hose, to restore declining production rates in old oil and gas wells. Prior to joining Schlumberger, James spent 9 years serving in the US Army, where he saw active duty overseas.

After getting out of the military I was looking for a career that would apply the same values I learned there, and Schlumberger fits that requirement. The camaraderie is the best part about what I do; working in an environment where you learn to care about the people you work with and their families makes a huge difference.

We conduct a wide variety of CT well intervention services, which requires working with hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid as well as nitrogen. For the most part we conduct 12 hour shifts. Initially, the biggest challenge I faced was the mechanical aptitude needed to conduct day-to-day maintenance. I was not used to mechanical and hydraulic applications; however, with the support of more experienced operators, field supervisors and engineers, I learned very quickly.