Field Specialist

Location: Takoradi, Ghana
Degree: Brevet de Technicien Superieur - Electronics
Institute: University Of Science and Technology, Kumasi-Ghana
Start Date: 2003
"My focus is to be professional at all times. With professionalism comes respect."


Career Profile: Linda


Since joining Schlumberger in 2003 as a Field Specialist (FS), Linda has worked and trained in Angola, Cameroon, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon and Ghana; and has attended specialist technical courses in France and South Africa. Her first assignments were related to testing the rates at which oil, water and gas are produced from wells. Since 2005 she has become an expert in taking representative samples of oil directly from the reservoir and analyzing their chemical composition. Her current job title is Engineer in Charge (EIC), responsible for setting-up and supervising Fluids Sampling and Analysis (FSA) services.

“I welcome the varied challenges that working for Schlumberger provides, says Linda. “I’m always learning new things and expect to still be learning 20 years from now. I love going to new places and meeting new people, so being paid to travel is a dream! There is great team spirit among my workmates, and my husband and I have made a lot of good friends. For me, it’s all been good experience, and I find most people are more than willing to work with me to accommodate my needs.”

What advice would you give to young women considering a field job?

“From my experience, if you prove you can do the job then everything else will fall into place for you, and people are more willing to assist you. My advice is to always be professional and prove your technical competence. Because I think I have achieved this, I know that my workmates have a lot of respect for me.”

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