Field Technical Analyst

Job Summary

The Field Technical Analyst Trainee is part of a team and assists and supports other field staff at the wellsite. Training is hands-on and focuses on delivering high levels of service quality to customers using a variety of tools, techniques and services. A formal career development program encourages Field Technical Analyst Trainees to develop a wide variety of skills and expertise across a range of technical disciplines. The logical career progression for Field Technical Analyst Trainees is to become field/wellsite supervisors once training is complete and appropriate experience is gained.

Successful Field Technical Analyst Trainees are logical thinkers, who are detail-oriented and can work well under pressure. They are good problem-solvers, continually looking to identify and apply best practices. With good verbal and written communication skills they want to learn and grow within the demands of the role.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

  • Provides pre- and post job support, including risk analysis, to other field staff at both the wellsite and the base location.
  • Provides support to plan, prepare, execute and debrief jobs at the wellsite and base location with the aim of delivering maximum service and data quality.
  • Contributes to preparation of wellsite reports.
  • Learns basic rig components and different roles of Schlumberger segments within the wider oilfield services industry.
  • Bachelor’s of science degree in mathematics or natural science (e.g. Geology, Physics, Computer Science, Geophysics).
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.

Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.

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