Maintenance Engineer

Location: Norway
Degree: Bachelor's, engineering
Institute: Harvey Mudd College
Start Date: 2008
"It isn’t easy but so far I have already found it a rewarding experience."


Career Profile: Alexandria

“As a Trainee Maintenance Engineer, I'm spending my first year gaining experience in the field and familiarity with the workshop. I was attracted to the oilfield services industry, as it seems to me to be one of few areas in which you can use an engineering degree and practical skills. I also knew that Schlumberger leads the industry by quite a margin and wanted to work for the best.

"On my first day of training there were 26 different nationalities in my group. I have never been with such a diverse group of people. The technology also fascinated me immediately-the fact that it all actually works in a drilling environment is incredible!

So far, the Schlumberger lifestyle is quite similar to the one I had at university. The work is tough, but you make good use of the time off and, as with most things, it is very much a case of getting out what you put in.”