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Induction Course for Experienced Professionals

When I was informed that I needed to attend the “Experienced Professionals Induction Course” I have to confess that I was a little sceptical! I’d been on induction courses before and was expecting something a bit formulaic and uninteresting. However, this wasn’t to be the case.

I was immediately impressed by how seriously the senior management took this course - the majority of the sessions were hosted by very senior people. They were happy to answer all questions and were very open and frank.

During the four days of the course the sessions covered the origins of Schlumberger and its vision and ethics, the life of a well, an explanation on the Schlumberger organisational structure and a great deal on explaining various topics such as QHSE and career development.


Not coming from an oil background I found the sessions that explained what the various stages of oil production were (and where Schlumberger fitted into them) particularly interesting. Seeing how Schlumberger has grown over the years from the early days of the Schlumberger brothers through to our latest acquisitions was fascinating.

I was genuinely impressed by the work that has gone into creating the structure for enabling employees to progress their careers within Schlumberger. It was also great to meet fellow employees from a multitude of different cultures, functions and hear about some of their experiences. It certainly demonstrated the multi-cultural qualities of the company.

It can be daunting joining a large company and trying to understand and engage with all of the processes that have evolved over the years. I think this is where induction courses can really help, by explaining the company’s objectives and its processes – and particularly how you yourself fit into them. I wouldn’t claim to completely understand all of the processes at Schlumberger, but I certainly have a better understanding of where to look and how things fit together.