Training and Development Manager

Location: USA
Degree: Bachelor's Electronics Engineering
Institute: The Robert Gordon University
Start Date: 1995
"Good technicians give attention to detail and take pride in what they do."


Career Profile: Paul

“I started with Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements, Aberdeen, UK in June 1995 as an Electronic Technician working on Surface Equipment. I spent a total of six years there and cross-trained into measurements while drilling and logging while drilling during this period.

“In April 2001, I decided to take up an international position, and was transferred to Luanda, Angola as repair and maintenance supervisor. Two years later, I moved to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea as repair and maintenance manager for North West Africa.

“June 2005 saw me transfer to the Sugar Land Learning Center as an instructor, and since then I have taken on the roles of senior instructor, technician training manager, and now maintenance training and development manager, based at D&M headquarters in Sugar Land Texas.

“My first impression of the company still lives with me today: amazing technology! How we do some of the things that we do in the harsh and extreme environments of downhole drilling still amazes me today.”