Frequently Asked Questions

Schlumberger and its position in the industry

What does Schlumberger do?

Where does Schlumberger operate?

We are often told that oil is running out. Why should I join an ageing industry?

Where does Schlumberger fit in to the oil and gas industry?

Is Schlumberger committed to equal opportunities?

Does Schlumberger have a corporate social responsibility policy?

Training, career opportunities and the Schlumberger lifestyle

What type of training will I receive?

Is career progression possible at Schlumberger?

Is there a typical Schlumberger lifestyle?

Can I work abroad?

What jobs are available at Schlumberger?

Does Schlumberger offer internships?

The recruitment process

How do I apply for a job at Schlumberger?

Can I apply for more than one job?

How do I find out if I am eligible to apply for a certain position?

I have searched through your available jobs but can’t find a suitable role. Can I still send you my CV?

I think I’ve received a fraudulent employment letter from Schlumberger. How can I be sure and what should I do?

I am experiencing problems uploading my CV and/or cover letter. What should I do?

Is my profile information and CV stored within Schlumberger indefinitely? If not for how long will it be active?

What should I do if I have submitted an application but I have not yet heard anything back?

If my application is unsuccessful will you let me know? Can I reapply?

Do you provide feedback for unsuccessful applications?

FAQs for parents

Below are the questions most frequently asked by the parents of our job seekers.

Does Schlumberger provide a safe working environment?

Do employees have the facilities to keep in touch with friends and family back home when working for Schlumberger?

Will female employees be given private rooms when working on vessels?

Who can an employee talk to if they have any issues at work?

Oilfield Services

Our industry can be quite confusing to newcomers. To help you understand how science and technology can make a difference in this often complex world, the editors from our exploration and production (E&P) magazine Oilfield Review have created a series of short articles that detail the underlying concepts and technologies on which the E&P industry is built. Visit the Oilfield Review page.