University Collaboration

University partnerships: the power of the network

We develop and maintain strong relationships with some of the leading Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics universities worldwide. Our partnerships with university students, faculties and administrators are vital in furthering research, inspiring innovation, and building a vibrant talent pool.

What is a job in oil and gas really like? Meet a Schlumberger Ambassador or Champion

There’s no better way to find out what it’s like to work for us than to talk to someone who does. Our dedicated team of Schlumberger managers act as Ambassadors within a network of about 70 universities worldwide, making regular visits to the campuses and organizing visits to Schlumberger sites.

Student and graduate internships

As an intern you’ll be integrated into existing teams and get hands-on experience working on projects that are important to our business. You’ll receive an excellent introduction to our industry, our technology, and benefit from a head start when you graduate.
Discover what it’s like being an intern with us.

Supporting female engineers and scientists

Faculty for the Future, a program run by the Schlumberger Foundation, actively supports female engineers and scientists by providing fellowships and logistical support to encourage women to pursue academic careers in science and technology.
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Software for universities

Our software donation program offers commercial software developed by Schlumberger to selected colleges and universities at minimal or no cost. Students become proficient users of industry-standard software packages and platforms while developing essential skills for career readiness and progression. Renewable licenses, software maintenance, training, and technical support are also provided.
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Faculty for the Future

faculty for the future
Faculty for the Future's goal is to support role models for women in education and to facilitate gender balance at universities in emerging and developing economies.

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