Borderless Careers

Date: 06/11/2012

Meet Anne, Project Manager

Location: Pune, India
Degree: Masters in Computer and Electrical Engineering
Institute: Georgia Tech Lorraine, France
Start Date: 2001

“I love working for a boundary-less organization. It’s challenging, but it teaches you to adapt; you learn to think differently—and for the better.’”

Anne joined Schlumberger in 2001 after visiting the Schlumberger booth at her university’s campus career fair. She was impressed by our business and the presentations given as well as our company culture and the career opportunities available. Following her instincts she applied to join us and hasn’t looked back. She works as a Project Manager for the Schlumberger Research, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sustaining (REMS) group.


What are your thoughts on Schlumberger’s training program?
Schlumberger’s training program is the perfect way to ensure all new employees benefit from the same opportunities. I enjoyed the program tremendously and was grateful to be able to participate and discover the field. I was nervous about the final review, which included a presentation in front of top managers; however, I recognize now how it all helped prepare us for the greater challenges ahead.

How has working with different cultures influenced you professionally and personally?
I have worked in various countries including the USA, Norway and India, and I love working for a boundary-less organization. It’s challenging, but it teaches you to adapt; you learn to think differently – and for the better.

In any given center, a multitude of nationalities are represented. It can be tough to reach a consensus sometimes, but we all recognize the value in utilizing the various strengths that everyone has to offer. As for moving from one country to the next: the experiences, the discoveries, the people, have made me ‘richer’ and more ‘awake’. With every move I feel a bit lonely at first, but I’ve made some of my best friendships within Schlumberger.

Which key Schlumberger projects stand out for you to date and why?
One of my most memorable moments is the first field test of a downhole sensor for which I developed the surface acquisition software. I was able to follow the job in real-time from my PC. The thrill was equivalent to a skydive tandem-jump. Thankfully, everything went smoothly.

I would also say the most exciting thing about my career in general is the variety of things I’ve been exposed to: everything from the countries, cultures, people, job profiles and responsibilities to the different Schlumberger technologies. There have been lots of highs and many challenges, but rarely a dull moment.

The project I am particularly proud of is my current one – my contribution to improving and shaping the center in Pune, India. It had been established for less than 3 years when I started working there. I felt the excitement of launching a start-up but under the welcome protection and mentorship of a solid company.

What crucial skills do you draw on to carry out your job, and which aspects of the role do you particularly enjoy?
The key is communication, communication, communication. I support my team every day with technical and non-technical challenges. In my position as Project Manager, I had to coach the team a lot initially as they are all junior engineers and designers. I particularly enjoy seeing them become more autonomous; I listen to their career aspirations and concerns and contribute to planning their progression.

My role is unique in that I manage a team of employees delivering technical services from India to more than 10 other Schlumberger centers worldwide. I interface with lots of different people in all these centers—something I enjoy enormously even at its most challenging. I also make presentations to top managers visiting our center, and together with my manager and peers I help plan the future of our developing center in Pune. The job is challenging, exciting and extremely satisfying.

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