Borderless Careers

Date: 10/02/2012

Meet Arnaud, Mechanical Design for Manufacturability Engineer

Location: Clamart, France
Degree: Master’s in mechanical engineering
Institute: Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Start Date: 2006

“I enjoy traveling and meeting new people, and I felt Schlumberger was the only company that could offer me the international career I wanted.”

Arnaud loves to keep busy and has hobbies ranging from skiing and snowboarding to scuba diving and sailing. He joined Schlumberger in 2006, and since then has had four different jobs. Arnaud works in Schlumberger’s Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sustaining organization, where he applies his engineering knowledge to ensure the mechanical design of new products fulfills requirements for functional performance, manufacturability, and reliability.

Why did you want to work for Schlumberger?
A friend recommended that I apply; he had completed a 6-month internship and told me about Schlumberger’s fixed-step training program. Over a 3-year period this program blends technical, safety, personal development, business and managerial courses, and on-the-job validated training. I wanted to know more, so I visited a Schlumberger recruiting event on campus. I returned to France after graduation and applied immediately—I felt Schlumberger was the only company that could offer me the international career I wanted.


What does your current job involve?
As a Mechanical Design for Manufacturability Engineer I’m responsible for a smooth transition between the engineering and manufacturing processes—I design test plans and test setups for subassemblies and assemblies. I ensure the readiness of engineering files and monitor their compliance to our standards. I also work with suppliers to leverage efficiencies. My job is very diverse; I never get bored because there’s always something new to learn. The biggest challenge is prioritizing what should, must, and can be done first!

What has been the best part of your Schlumberger career to date?
The most exciting part so far has been my time in the field. I managed a team that carried out wireline jobs both onshore and offshore. The responsibility was great, and I helped make critical decisions. In one project that I’m particularly proud of, I redesigned part of a tool to fit field needs. This led to savings of over USD 300,000 in 1 year alone.

How would you “sum up” working for Schlumberger?
I’ve been working at Schlumberger for more than 5 years now. This is my fourth job assignment and I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every single project. I’ve had the opportunity to work and attend training in many different places—Egypt, USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Norway, UK, and Dubai— and I currently work with 30 people who come from 10 different countries spread all around the world. My team highlights the fact that Schlumberger is a truly boundary-free and diverse organization. It’s the one for me!

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