Attracting Angola’s Top Talent

Date: 05/21/2014
Location: Angola

Dedicated Career Event “Schlumberger Day”

Schlumberger Angola began operations in 1969 and now has offices in Luanda, Soyo and Cabinda, with over 1300 local employees working in 15 different business segments.

Schlumberger Angola held its second annual dedicated career event “Schlumberger Day”, in March, 2014 in Luanda. Representatives from all the Angolan Schlumberger segments were present. Six thousand students applied to attend and five hundred were selected to come and meet the representatives and to learn more about life in the oil and gas services industry. The event provided a general understanding of the life cycle of a well with the objective of sparking interest in the oil and gas industry, and in Schlumberger careers.

To highlight our commitment to safety, this year’s event began with a QHSE introduction. By learning about the QHSE Seat Belt Conveyor standard, the candidates absorbed the importance of using a seat belt, not only when driving but also as a passenger. Automotive related deaths come second only to deaths from Malaria in Angola.

Segment representatives showcased our advanced technologies and explained the techniques used. Support functions were also present to explain the complexity of running a company of the size of Schlumberger.


A select group of employees ranging from junior employees to managers were invited to speak, with a special guest speaker who has been with Schlumberger since 1975. The speakers shared their experiences about life at Schlumberger, and spoke about training, career opportunities, and lifestyle. The recruiters then explained the recruiting process and our commitment to gender diversity.

Events such as this are a great way for students to learn about how exciting a career in the oil and gas sector can be.

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