Borderless Careers

Date: 05/29/2013

Meet Buna, Field Engineer

Location: Indonesia
Degree: Bachelor’s degree,  Industrial Engineering
Institute: Diponegoro University
Start Date: 2011

Why did you join Schlumberger, and what drew you to the Field Engineer role?
I like the borderless opportunities the company offers. The Field Engineer role is the perfect avenue for me to apply my engineering knowledge practically, but Schlumberger doesn’t confine its engineers to the field; I’ll have the opportunity to diversify to other areas such as management, sales, marketing, and HR.

What are your main responsibilities?
As a Field Engineer working in the drilling domain, my role centers around operations—from prejob planning to execution to the after-job evaluation process. I apply the latest MWD and LWD technologies and services to deliver advanced formation evaluation and achieve drilling optimization objectives.

Which part of the job do you particularly enjoy, and why?
Field Engineer crews are assigned to a specific cell on a rig, and as a Cell Manager, I coordinate a group of three field engineers. I’ve just recently gone from Trainee to Field Engineer, and being given the responsibility to lead a job has really pushed my boundaries and shaped me into a better person, personally and professionally.


I enjoy communicating with a diverse range of professionals at the job site—including customers. There’s something new to learn every time I visit a rig.

How has Schlumberger helped you develop your career?
The fixed-step training program is a key element in advancing a career with Schlumberger. It has an engaging, well-organized curriculum that helps me develop theoretical knowledge and technical skills for operations and also prepares me for later management roles. Training is delivered throughout the year and around the globe according to my specific objectives. Within my first year and a half with Schlumberger, I’ve had training in learning centers based in Abu Dhabi and the Russian city of Tyumen. Moreover, the knowledge management tools are first rate, so it’s easy for me to research different issues and keep up-to-date with advances in technologies.

What’s it like working for Schlumberger?
It’s an intriguing experience; I learn something new every day by interacting with my peers and seniors. And I always know I have support when I need it. Operation Support Centers are available 24/7. This interactive drilling service provides real-time operational support, remotely monitoring and analyzing drilling data, and then providing expert consulting for Field Engineers.

What’s your long-term career goal?
I plan to finish my fixed-step training and become a General Field Engineer. Then I want to complete my master’s in petroleum economics. In the long term, I hope to integrate my field experience and education to progress into a managerial role, preferably as an Operations Manager.

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