Inspiring Innovation

High school students receive science fair prize for innovative wind roof turbine project

The CGénial Foundation, a non-profit association that helps to inspire students to pursue vocations in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines, held their 12th national science fair competition in France where secondary school students had the opportunity to present innovative STEM projects.

The projects are evaluated by three different juries who select the winners based on criteria such as originality and innovative aspects, societal or local interest, scientific approach, diversity of the experiments and prototypes, collaboration with external partners, and quality of communication. This year, 8,551 students participated in the competition with 32 junior teams and 23 high school teams making it to the final rounds.

As part of the science fair competition, Schlumberger, a partner of the CGénial Foundation since its creation in 2006, awarded a prize that offers the winners the chance to visit the company’s research center in Cambridge, UK.

The prize was awarded to a high school team from the city of Le Menil-Esnard for their wind roof turbine project which is designed to run under a house roof. To prevent potential damage on the turbine, the students designed a hatch to close if the wind blows too hard. In addition, they managed to combine this with solar panels. The idea of this project is to provide an energy solution for houses in protected and isolated areas, where visible wind turbines are not allowed.

Inspiring Innovation

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