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Date: 03/05/2013

Meet Eno, Relocation Representative

Location: France
Degree: Master’s, Business Management
Institute: Rice University, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
Start Date: 2010

“Schlumberger embodies a diverse, talented group of people, making great strides, and creating a world of possibilities in oil and gas and beyond.”

Eno began her career with Schlumberger in 2010, initially working in Benefits Transactions in Houston, Texas, after graduating from a local based university. The role focused primarily on managing and tracking different benefits packages, enabling Eno to understand the company’s benefits, philosophy, and structure. A year later, when Schlumberger offered her the opportunity to join the Relocation Team in Paris, France, Eno said “Bien sure!” She now works as a Relocation Representative, supporting employees with relocation in and out of France.

Why did you join Schlumberger?
I wanted to build my career by working for a truly international company, with experienced HR professionals supporting the business and its people. What really drew me to Schlumberger was its scope for global mobility. Schlumberger offers great opportunities for exposure to different countries if you are willing to move.


Can you describe a typical day?
There is no typical day in my role; that’s why I enjoy what I do. Assignments start right from when the employee accepts their offer and get their visa approval. I work closely with our outsourced agencies that conduct the rental searches for suitable accommodation, provide schooling assistance and enrollment of medical benefits, to ensure a smooth transition for the employees and their families. I also liaise with third-party contractors and regularly conduct service quality meetings.

Another part of my role involves undertaking cost analysis of the rental housing market, and other relocation support services, to ensure our benefits packages are aligned with the external environment. The mobility package has multiple compensation elements which is critical for the success of the move. This in turn is critical for business success, as it’s crucial that employees quickly adapt to their new environment, and are able to perform at their best.

What skills do you need for this role?
Excellent planning and organizational skills are paramount—you need to be able to prioritize your work and multitask. You also need strong analytical, quantitative, and financial skills as a large part of the role requires critical thinking, information analysis, and providing cost estimates to the business. Never underestimate the power of a smile, respect for employees’ needs, and the ability to explain things clearly and tactfully.

What kind of training have you received since you joined Schlumberger?
Schlumberger has a fixed-step training program that is tailored for HR professionals. For the Relocation Representative role, the main focus is improving employee engagement and optimizing each relocation benefit portfolio. Employee support, compensation and benefits training, and personnel management training, have given me the skills to overcome some specific challenges, provide cost savings, and achieve our goals by providing high quality relocation support services to our employees and management. In addition, on-the-job training with my team has provided feedback with which to improve existing relocation processes and systems.

Is there a particular project that you have particularly enjoyed working on?
I worked on a rental estate market survey which involved analyzing the incremental shifts in the French rental market prices since 2008. The objective was to create a business case to increase the housing allowances which are part of our benefit package for relocating employees and families. During the project, I had the opportunity to meet with European-based HR global mobility consultants and specialists. I really enjoyed the project as I had complete autonomy on the survey approach, consolidation, and presentation of results. I also learned a lot about the French rental market, rate of inflation, and market demand. It was a rewarding experience.

What are the key rewards and challenges you face in your role?
A key reward is the visibility you get throughout the organization. I love working in a role where I’m always meeting and supporting new people, and their families, from all levels of the organization and around the globe—from fresh-out recruits, to senior managers.  Plus, I gained lots of novel insights and experiences to living and working in France—the food, wine, culture, arts, and partnering with third-party European contractors on mobility projects.

Because local regulations and procedures change from time to time, I also have the opportunity to rise to the challenge of helping employees adopt changing practices by updating existing records, and explaining the new procedures such as social security enrollment.

What is it like working for Schlumberger?
Working for Schlumberger is fantastic. It’s such a dynamic and fast-paced environment where you are constantly challenged and learning. There is never a dull moment! There are unlimited opportunities to grow and develop, with multiple positions to fill. It’s all there for you—it’s just up to you to go out there, perform well, and exceed expectations.

What is your long-term career goal?
Schlumberger is so big—and there are a lot of exciting changes in HR year on year. I have learned a lot from working with a global mix of people, and learned that I can fit in anywhere and perform to a global standard.

I want to increase my breadth and depth of knowledge in HR throughout the organization—either in Compensation & Benefits or in an HR management role.

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