Snapshot of Schlumberger: Field Camp Lite

Date: 06/10/2016

The Recruiting Team recently hosted sessions for our first Field Camp Lite program. Freshmen to junior year students with engineering backgrounds, from a variety of North American Universities, experienced the breadth and depth of innovation at Schlumberger. Campers discovered more about what we do and gained insight from experts and alumni of their university into their borderless careers.

Visiting the Schlumberger Sugar Land, or the Schlumberger Houma Bayou Blue locations, attendees immersed themselves in our innovative technology. In Sugar Land, students mastered the basics of our process for developing and manufacturing tools and services before they saw the Genesis Rig in action. It was then onto the drilling challenge; to design and build a device capable of drilling 10 inches in less than two hours. Students enjoyed the busy schedule. “I would have loved for Field Camp to have been longer, but given the time we had I think you planned it out perfectly,” said Holly, an attendee.

Meanwhile, campers at Houma Bayou Blue unravelled the complexities of deepwater operations, and the specialised technology required such as: subsea landing strings, drill stem testing, and surface well testing.

At both Field Camp Lite sessions, students had opportunities to network and ask about the practicalities of field life while gaining an insight into the Schlumberger culture. “I spent the entire day with the group and they were all very engaged, enjoying the face time and asking questions about career paths with the managers,” said Anna, the operations manager at Houma. Managers had great feedback about Field Camp Lite and future sessions are planned to engage young engineers looking for challenges in their careers.

Students from Tulane and Louisiana State

Students from Tulane and Louisiana State University, learning about our operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

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