Scratching the Surface—Students Discover the World Beneath Their Feet

Nearly 2,000 students and scouts aged between 4 and 14 took part in a range of earth science programs organised and delivered by Schlumberger volunteers at the recent Gem and Mineral Show in Houston, Texas, US.

From workshops in sedimentology and the rock cycle to palaeontology, children had lots of fun finding out about geology and the world beneath their feet, literally looking at the Earth inside out.

Barbara Hill, Sales Engineer, Education Chair for the event, says, “The aim is for this event to be enriching and fun. One of the aspects I enjoy most is seeing a child’s eyes light up when they begin understand the importance of geology in their lives and the need for geologists in the future. They have just discovered a whole new world.”

A range of exciting activities aimed at generating enthusiasm for earth sciences and stimulating discussion included showing children which minerals—including salt, calcium, zinc or iron—are used to make the additives in their favorite cereal and stations where they could dig in the dirt for sharks’ teeth.

Adam Trimble, University Recruiter, adds, “These events are also a great way for us to get involved in our local community and are invaluable in helping us demonstrate to young people how everything we see, touch, consume and interact with is related to geology in some way.

“By volunteering for just a few hours, we are able to reach a great many students and from a very early age show them the importance of earth sciences in our community.”

Digging for fossils and sharks’ teeth.

Discovering how rocks are formed.

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