All-Female Coding Workshop Inspires the Next Generation

Date: 04/25/2016

All-Female Coding Workshop Inspires the Next Generation

As the fourth largest employer of computer scientists in the US and as part of a strategy to encourage more young women into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects, Schlumberger sponsors over 60 robotics and coding clubs in Houston and New Orleans, US, running regular events and workshops.

Team activities, guest speakers and opportunities to see first-hand how computer science is being applied in industry help participants learn more about computer programming, electronics and robotics. A tour of the Toyota factory in San Antonio is planned this June.

In March, 2016, 30 female students from high schools in Houston, USA, attended the Girl Code Robotic Arm workshop—a 3-day event where they built a fully-functioning robotic arm and also visited the West Houston Hospital for a demonstration of the da Vinci XI surgical robot.

Highlighting its application in minimally invasive lung surgeries. Robert McKowen, MD, explained how he uses the robot to operate through tiny incisions rather than intrusive open surgeries. More flexible than a human wrist with increased precision, it enables the patient a faster recovery time. Attendee Maria enjoyed “learning how robot arms were used in the medical field, and appreciated seeing the real life application of the robot arms.”

At the Schlumberger San Felipe office, Sudhir Pai, Managing Director of Liquid Robotics Oil & Gas—a joint Schlumberger venture—presented another ground breaking technology: the Wave Glider. An offshore, remotely operated data delivery service that is being used to provide meteorological, seismic and drilling data without relying on vessels, offshore manpower or even good weather conditions.

Ross Graeber, Studio Manager, SIS, says, “The Girl Code Robotics Summer camp has been an amazing experience.  Seeing the determination of these young women to complete a functioning robot arm and participating in projects from painting to robotic soccer has been inspiring.”

Students hear from Robert McKowen describing the medical applications of robotics.

Students hear from Robert McKowen, describing the medical applications of robotics

Students experiment with robotics

Students experiment with robotics

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