Borderless Careers

Date: 06/22/2012

Meet Haytham, Reservoir Engineer and Business Development Manager

Location: Oman
Degree: BSc in Petroleum Engineering
Institute: Cairo University, Egypt
Start Date: 2007

“Schlumberger for me means endless opportunities, a balanced lifestyle, and a second home.’”

Haytham was born in Egypt in 1985. He has always enjoyed an active lifestyle—counting tennis, diving, football, and horseback riding as interests. He knew of Schlumberger by reputation, and after gaining a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from Cairo University he joined us in 2007… and hasn’t kept still! Throughout his career he has visited no less than 12 countries for Schlumberger including Oman, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Argentina and Malaysia.

Why did you want to work for Schlumberger?
Schlumberger is very well known in the engineering community in Egypt, where I come from. I joined because I believe that to be the best you should work with the best! I was also attracted to the training and career opportunities.


How did you find the recruitment process?
It was not easy to join Schlumberger, as I had to pass a campus interview followed by three onsite technical interviews and a top management interview. One month later I joined the company as a reservoir engineer.

What does your current job involve?
I provide technical support for Schlumberger reservoir simulation software; I lead and participate in reservoir simulation studies; I teach Schlumberger reservoir simulation software courses, and I am involved in presale activities for the software. Throughout my career I have participated in Schlumberger’s training program which encompasses classroom training and on-the-job assessments as well as technical courses.

Please give an overview of your career with Schlumberger so far.
I started in 2007 as a petroleum engineer in Egypt. My role was to provide technical support for ECLIPSE, Petrel, OFM, and PIPESIM software. I also provided production and reservoir simulation training courses and was tasked with supporting four countries—Egypt, Syria, Sudan, and Jordan—which was a big responsibility.

In 2010 I became a reservoir engineer team leader. I led, managed, and supervised the reservoir simulation team and was involved in presale activities, technical support, and software instruction.

In 2011 I was appointed as technical team leader and business development manager in Egypt. My role, in addition to the above responsibilities, included reservoir simulation consultancy and business development. I also travelled to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Sudan.

In May 2012 I transferred from Egypt to Oman, working as a senior reservoir engineer and business development manager.

What are your career aspirations?
Schlumberger has limitless career opportunities, not just in the technical field but in other fields too such as personnel, management, and more. In 5 years’ time I would like to be a reservoir simulation portfolio manager.

How would you ‘sum up’ working for Schlumberger?
Schlumberger for me means endless opportunities, a balanced lifestyle and a second home. There is career-long training and development, the prospect of immediate responsibility, real teamwork, and many avenues for progression. The lifestyle may not be for everyone, but the projects are interesting and the company’s values and contributions are significant.

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