Schlumberger Announces Innovation Fellows

Date: 11/09/2017

A group of talented students from Stanford’s Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering (ICME) have been named as the 2017 Schlumberger Innovation Fellows.

With a history of close collaboration between Stanford, Fellows and employees at the Schlumberger Software Technology Innovation Center (STIC), the Schlumberger Innovation Fellowship program has been established to encourage scholarship and research into emerging technology areas.

The program recognizes Masters and PhD students who are achieving exceptional results in machine learning, deep learning, high-performance computing, and 3D modelling and data visualization.

The students receive funding for their advanced graduate studies at Stanford and throughout the year they stay in close contact with employees at STIC via regular visits, presentations and workshops.

Introducing the Fellows

Eileen Martin is a PhD candidate in ICME. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics and Computational Physics from the University of Texas, Austin. Her thesis focuses on using fiber-optic cables to record ambient seismic noise, which can continuously generate large amounts of data at low costs, and which can be used to characterize the top few hundred feet of the Earth’s surface.

Gregory dePaul is a first year ICME student pursuing research in high-performing computing, specifically through parallelization. He graduated from the University of Arizona with Majors in mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering.

Olivier Moindrot is a first year Master’s student in the ICME Data Science track. Before coming to Stanford, he studied Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the École Polytechnique, Paris, France. At Stanford, he holds a research assistantship in a machine learning project related to gas leak detection.

Neel V. Rakholia is a first year Master’s student studying in the ICME Data Science track. His research interests are in machine learning and mathematical modelling. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Mathematics from Columbia University.

Suhas Suresha is a second year Master’s student in ICME. His interests lie in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning. He holds a Master’s in Technology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Technology in Aerospace Engineering from ITT Madras, India.

Zhengyuan Zhou is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Berkley. His research focuses on designing novel, scalable and robust power control algorithms that have provable theoretical guarantees for large wireless communications system under stochastic and imperfect environments.

Colleen Josephson is a first year PhD student in Electrical Engineering, advised by Sachin Katti. She holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. Her research is in wireless digital communications, focused on low-power backscatter communication devices.

Chiraag Sumanth is a second year Masters student in Computer Science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Prior to Stanford, he obtained his Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from the PES Institute of Technology in Bangalore, India. His interests lie within the areas of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science.

Morten Jensen, Manager STIC, says, “This is the first year of the program and I would like to congratulate our five new Fellows. Out of 17 interns at STIC this summer, 10 are from Stanford. The fellowships contribute to the visibility and reputation needed to attract top talent.

“Partnerships with universities really are a vital source of talent for Schlumberger and our long-term goals for the program are to strengthen these academic and scientific networks further within computer science. This will enable us to jointly develop digital innovations which have potential to improve performance, lower costs, increase accuracy and provide new research and business insights across our industry.”


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