Mexico Event Inspires Women in Engineering

Over 150 future female engineers from four universities; UAG, Universidad Olmeca, Universidad Tecmilenio and Universidad Politecnica del Centro, joined Schlumberger recently for a Women in Technology event in Villahermosa, Mexico.

Hosted by a panel of female Schlumberger experts with experience in HR and engineering, the event was kicked off with a Q&A session. As leaders in their field, they discussed their journey with Schlumberger so far, highlighting their many and varied experiences and challenges.

Topics raised by attendees included how Schlumberger is addressing gender balance and what initiatives are in place to help our female employees develop successful careers in what is still considered a male-dominated industry. There was also a lot of interest in technology innovation and training and development.

After lunch, attendees took part in a workshop where they were split into teams to discuss topics including female leaders, the importance of a personal and professional life, the role of women in Mexico, appropriate personal protective equipment for women and life in the field.  Each team illustrated their conclusions and messages in a painting and shared it during an onstage performance.

Rodrigo Valenzuela Cruz, University Relations and Recruiting Manager, Mexico, says, “We are really excited that the event was such a great success and we hope it helped to inspire attendees to pursue scientific and engineering roles. Schlumberger supports women at every stage of their career and today, 19% of the Schlumberger salaried population is female.

“The diversity of our workforce is key to our future success. At Schlumberger, we have the support of management, as well as training to help us move closer to our gender balance goals. There is no doubt that events like these really help to highlight our commitment to gender balance and the opportunities open to both genders, based on performance, within Schlumberger.”

The group posing outside the Schlumberger facilities.

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