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Date: 05/24/2012

Meet Peter, MWD Engineer

Location: Vechta, Germany
Degree: MSc Drilling Engineering
Institute: Montanuniversitaet of Leoben
Start Date: 2011

In June 2011, upon completion of his degree, Peter made an application for employment at Schlumberger. His main motivations for applying were to have the opportunity to work for a high-profile company and to work in the field.

Two weeks after applying, Peter was invited for an interview and soon after he was offered a position at Schlumberger. He said: “It was an incredible feeling to hold the ‘offer of employment’ document in my hands. It represented the beginning of an enormous change in my life. No longer was I a student, jumping from internship to internship or working casually as a waiter in restaurants; with this letter in my hands, it confirmed my position as a fixed component in a company, for an indefinite period of time.”

Describe your first impressions of Schlumberger
Everything started with an introductory course in Melun, Paris. I can clearly remember my initial astonishment when I saw the sheer diversity in the company—being from the mountains in Austria, diversity is not something I’m used to! The course was bursting with colourful and vibrant personalities from people originating from every corner of the world, and every segment within Schlumberger, all motivated and with a common aim—to work for Schlumberger.


What initial challenges did you face in your new role?
When I finished the course I was sent straight to my location, Vechta in Germany. I was really excited! I received a very friendly welcome from my manager and work colleagues and immediately felt at home. Soon after this came my introduction to the different operations of the Drilling Group and the main aspects of my job as a Measurement While Drilling (MWD) engineer. Then, the day after… my first job! I clearly remember being thrown aback by the amount of abbreviations. The abbreviations for the different tools, the abbreviations of the different systems, the abbreviations for the general operations of the company! My best friend at the time became the tally book. It was the main reason I never forgot anything I was told (at least most of what I was told!).

What do you enjoy most about your job?
My colleagues are amazing. They were very patient with me, even when I was asking questions endlessly for the entire day. They never became restless—or never seemed to become restless, and always answered my questions with enthusiasm and accuracy.

What key lessons have you learnt since working at Schlumberger?
During my initial development within the company, I came to realize the importance of teamwork. Schlumberger pushes you to develop yourself personally, but this is impossible without the support and collaboration of others. With time, I became more confident with the job and the operations and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do my own shifts. I’m sure this was only possible due to my good and patient instructors! And I must make a special reference to my manager—because of him it was always possible to be [posted] on jobs and not just sitting in the office!

Tell us about the training you’ve received?
Not only is the job great, but so is the training. I have already undertaken almost 9 weeks of training in the UAE at the Schlumberger Middle East Learning Center. With Schlumberger we really hit the ground running and are immersed in-depth training right from the word go. I am expecting a lot from my future at Schlumberger, and I am sure I’ll take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. At times it can be hard when you have to work longer than 12 hours a day with little rest, but then you make sure that you enjoy the time off; it’s like they say—work hard, play hard!

What are your long-term career goals?
I’m very optimistic about my future in Schlumberger. I’m sure the good times will continue and that I will grow with the company. I am proud to be a Schlumberger field engineer and know the high level of service that is expected of me. At the same time I am confident that Schlumberger will reward me accordingly, not just in monetary compensation, but with priceless experiences and opportunities.

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