Rio 2016 Olympic Games: The Race is On for Schlumberger

Date: 05/17/2015
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

World’s biggest sporting event set to transform Brazil

In preparation for the massive influx of visitors expected in Brazil during the 2016 Summer Olympics, investments in the country’s infrastructure are presenting new opportunities for a group within M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company. 

Redevelopment of transport infrastructure

With the task of improving transportation throughout Brazil, the project  includes construction of two metro lines and the development of passenger train stations.  

Together, the tunnels for these metro lines (two in in São Paulo and one line in Rio De Janeiro) reach 20 km with diameters between 7 m and 11.5 m. The plan for the lines, already underway, requires an additional 30 km of construction over the next 4 years. 

Locally-sourced bentonite

Tunnel boring machines, which are being used to excavate the tunnels, require large volumes of bentonite and cement slurry to prevent lost circulation while drilling. Locally-sourced bentonite (a type of impure clay) has already been approved for use on one of the São Paulo lines, while tests are ongoing for the approval of its use in Rio de Janeiro. 


New operations use M-I SWACO drilling fluids and solids control products and equipment

The group is also working on the development of new passenger train stations. This involves the large excavation of foundation structures, which results in a high demand for drilling fluid technology. Partnerships with major local foundation contractors have resulted in several operations using M-I SWACO drilling fluids and solids control products and equipment. 

Laying the foundations for an engineering legacy

After several years of focused efforts in Brazil, the commitment to developing innovative and tailored solutions for this market is not only clear, but is already delivering results: The 518 HV Centrifuge is the first M-I SWACO solids control equipment to be sold in Latin America to the construction industry. Combined with specifically designed fluids using PLATINUM ROD EASE lubricant and friction reducer, DUO-VIS bio polymer for cuttings support, and PPRD (an anionic polymer to inhibit clays from swelling) this system has helped to increase productive time, while pushing in the tunnel casing walls.

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