Internships That Don’t Involve Photocopying

Date: 09/04/2012
Location: Russia

Russia’s Field Exposure Internship Scheme for bright sparks.

This summer, 53 students participated in an internship program at the Schlumberger Siberian Training Center, near Tyumen in Russia. Over a two-week period the interns gained first-hand experience of working life in the oil and gas industry. The program was tailored to students considering a career in engineering, research, and operations.

The interns—aged between 18 and 20—were chosen from six different universities, with which Schlumberger has close ties, in Russia and Kazakhstan. Participants were selected through a rigorous assessment designed to test technical knowledge and team working abilities. Over a quarter of this year’s interns were female.

Established in 2010, the program was designed to teach participants more about drilling operations and procedures, research, and well maintenance. The interns participated in a mixture of classroom-based activities and practical sessions, which included technical lectures, demonstrations, and group discussions. They also had the opportunity to visit a rig and a logging workshop to gain insight into how operations are conducted. A key focus of the program was drilling and wireline open hole technologies, however modules on well services, data consulting services, and artificial lift were also taught. The theoretical lectures concentrated on the technologies and techniques used in exploration and production, and the students also became familiar with some formation evaluation techniques.

Accommodation was provided onsite, and the interns had the opportunity to meet and network with Schlumberger employees during a series of events held at the onsite sports center. On the final day the interns delivered presentations on the technologies they had been exposed to, and were awarded certificates and prizes for their participation.

Russia Internship        

Intern Andrey said: “I was impressed by the up-to-date technologies and equipment at the Siberian Training Center. We were able to see modern geophysical tools and techniques which are not available at university. Instructors delivered presentations and demonstrations in a very comprehensible manner, and I particularly liked the demonstration at the real drilling rig.”

“The internship program, together with extensive technical training, provided an interactive learning experience where participants could develop their leadership, teamwork and decision-making abilities,” says Sergei, University Relations and Recruiting Manager. “These are qualities that Schlumberger values and encourages among all its employees.”

Schlumberger recruits internships for all locations, worldwide. For more information on engineering, research and operations internships, and to apply, please visit the engineering, research, and operations internship page.

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