Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development

Date: 03/02/2016

Programming a new generation of innovators

The Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development (SEED) team is inspiring the digital creators and innovators of the future with a wide range of global coding, robotics and computer science events, clubs and workshops.

Coding is the foundation for problem solving

Following the philosophy that if you can speak the language of code, you can create solutions for the 21st century, the volunteer-based program is introducing coding to students as young as 6. Using platforms like SCRATCH, children can create and share interactive stories, games and animations.

“Coding and robotics are central to our future and we need as many people as possible to grow up with a working knowledge of their technology as possible. Through the robotics and coding programs SEED runs, we aim to provide an engaging way for children to get excited about problem solving from a very young age.

“As a creative subject, coding is essentially like writing a story. Students get to build something from nothing with visual results,” Carolyn, SEED Educational Consultant..

Robotics—the practical side of coding

And through the SEED Robotics program, students are applying coding and creative thinking with very exciting outcomes. An introduction to robotics, construction of robots, and programming through RobotC is encouraging students to understand how to look at problems in new and creative ways.

Carolyn adds, “We hope that by teaching more young people to code, we are not only inspiring their future career choices as expert coders, but also providing a solid foundation in innovation and creativity.”


Students around the world have the opportunity to learn coding, robotics and computer science.

Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

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