Stavanger Students Inspired by Houston Trip

Date: 03/20/2015
Location: Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Stavanger students on a visit to Houston ranked a roundtable with our Norwegian employees as the highlight of their trip.

POPULAR: Stavanger students meet Norwegian employees in Houston.


ON-SITE: Genesis Test Rig reproduces downhole field conditions.

Every year a group of 3rd-year Petroleum students from the University of Stavanger visits Houston. Schlumberger has long been a sponsor of this annual outing for 40-60 potential petroleum engineers, who spend 10 days visiting oil and gas related companies in the area.

Schlumberger’s Recruiting Manager for Norway, Bernt Nilsen, accompanied the group in January, and they spent a day visiting company sites, starting at the Sugar Land complex and touring the manufacturing areas and labs.

"The students were impressed to see we have a real rig on site,” said Bernt. “However, they told me afterwards that it was the afternoon spent talking with several of our Houston-based Norwegian employees that was the absolute highlight of the trip.”

Schlumberger ex-pat Norwegians talked openly about living abroad, and shared their personal experiences of overseas transfers. Many of them hold very senior positions in the company and have lived in a number of countries.

The student coordinator from the University, said the students felt this was the most rewarding part of the day and they would have liked it to last even longer.

“We thought it was incredible that they could spend as much time with us as they did to answer our questions in detail. They really made us feel as if they take us seriously,” he said.

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