Year 5 Students Spend a Day at the Schlumberger Cambridge Research Center

Date: 06/18/2018

Around 60 Year 5 students took on a range of STEM challenges at the Schlumberger Cambridge Research Center in March—as part of an activity day with Cambridge Launchpad.

The aim of the day was to excite and educate students about STEM and to highlight to girls and boys how a career in engineering and technology is interesting and accessible.

Students worked as scientists for the day and discovered what it feels like to walk across a corn starch pool, raced liquids of different viscosity, observed and recorded seismic waves, and used coding to program a game of ‘whack-a-rat’.

One of the key goals of the initiative is to address the significant gender gap which exists in STEM employment. According to WISE, boys are three times more likely to take a STEM degree than girls, and women make up only 13% of the current STEM workforce.

To address this, the program insists that schools send equal numbers of girls and boys to Launchpad events. Schlumberger is one of four Founding Partners of the program.

David Halliday, Data Analytics Manager, says, “We were delighted to be able to host the Cambridge Launchpad Activity Day at Schlumberger. It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm and excitement that the pupils had for Science and Technology, and the participating Schlumberger scientists were amazed by the energy and vigour with which the children tackled the diverse range of activities. This made for a fun, enjoyable and educational event for all.”

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