Supporting Futures in Malaysia

Attracting and building relationships with the best college talent is high on our agenda and in 2016 we have been involved in a wide range of careers-related events in Malaysia.

Here, we highlight just a few of the events, competitions and festivals we have been involved with this year. “These events are a great opportunity to meet some of the best local talent and talk to them about our recruiting strategy,” says Joyce Wong, Schlumberger HR Manager for South East Asia. “For students it is about better understanding just how far their skills and potential might take them in our organization.”

Deepwater Challenges was the theme of the Offshore Technology Conference Asia, held at the Kuala Lumpur Conventional Center. At this event, more than 100 students and lecturers came to the Schlumberger booth where they were shown a range of technologies and services we use in deepwater production, including bottomhole assembly drills—the force behind the bit that breaks the rock during drilling.

Students seeing our innovation first-hand at Offshore Technology Conference Asia.

Another event, a 2-day software training course and competition run by the Enhanced Oil Recovery Center and the Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) aimed at helping students from a range of universities master the fundamentals of Petrel RE/Eclipse software. This event highlighted a key technology that is used throughout the upstream oil and gas sector.

Lokman Jusoh, Recruiting Manager for Schlumberger Malaysia concludes, “Events like these, and many others, are crucial for us in establishing closer relationships with students and universities while helping young people to develop essential skills they need to progress in our industry.”

Schlumberger employees share their experiences at a Student-Alumni Session earlier in the year.

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