Interview Top Tips for UCL PhD Students

Date: 04/10/2015

We recently hosted a workshop at University College London (UCL) to help PhD students develop advanced job interview techniques. Entitled ‘Interviews – Communicating with Impact’, the session was hosted on campus by Schlumberger Recruiter Thomas Murray, and Peter Johnson, a Research Scientist at Schlumberger Gould Research in Cambridge. Peter completed his MEng and PhD in Engineering at UCL before joining Schlumberger, and so he was in the perfect position to encourage students to think practically about transferring into the world of work.

The workshop covered how to identify key competencies from job specifications, explored how to prepare efficiently for interviews and how to develop top interview technique to help them stand out from the competition. By engaging students to discuss their approach and strategies in a relaxed atmosphere, the session proved a great success, and positive feedback was given by all. Such events remain incredibly important for maintaining strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our partner universities for years to come.

“The session really made me think: you have to put yourself in the mindset of an employer, and what, practically, they need from a candidate” explained one attendee. “I feel much more confident now.” Thomas Murray added: “Engaging with the students in this way allows us to show them just how many employable skills they have developed over the course of their PhD. These skills are sometimes difficult for the individual to identify for themselves, but with the right coaching they can really be sold in the interview environment”.


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