Schlumberger Remains in Top 50 Most Attractive Employers for 2014

Date: 10/01/2014

Top Companies for Graduates to Work For

Students have once again ranked Schlumberger among the most desirable employers to work for in the world, according to the 2014 Universum Global Survey.

The survey is based on national student surveys of more than 200,000 business and engineering students in the world’s twelve largest economies. Schlumberger is ranked 29 globally: an improvement on last year’s score. This year, the survey was expanded to include more countries in Asia (an area where Schlumberger scored very highly), emerging as the third most preferred employer in Indonesia and the fourth most popular in Malaysia. We also did well with the national student surveys in Norway, Russia, and Australia. In the Middle East region, Schlumberger is also seen as a very desirable employer, Saudi Arabia, for example, ranking the company third most attractive.

‘It is great to have retained such a strong global position for another year’, Recruiting Manager Adrian Mendoza commented. ‘More countries have been included in the global survey this year, and we are delighted to have ranked so well in these new country surveys. As a global employer, we are always interested to know what students are looking for in an employer, and surveys like these help us to match their expectations.’

For more on the World’s Most Attractive Employers ranking.

Schlumberger was one of four companies from the oil and gas sector to make the world’s most attractive employer rankings. You can see the full survey results for each country on the Universum website.


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