Promoting Career Opportunities for Women in Angola

Date: 06/28/2012
Location: Luanda, Angola

Schlumberger hosts gender diversity event in Luanda.

On June 28, 2012, Schlumberger hosted the ‘Schlumberger Women and Industry’ event in Luanda, Angola. The event was part of the ‘Women and Technology Program’—a worldwide initiative by Schlumberger to promote gender diversity and encourage more women to pursue careers in engineering and the geosciences.

A World of Opportunities

Today’s energy industry has more opportunities for women than ever before - something Schlumberger is keen to encourage.

As the world’s largest oilfield services company employing approximately 118,000 people representing over 140 nationalities and working in about 85 countries, we recognize that a multicultural workforce with strong diversity renders us more innovative, and more dynamic. The roles women play in our organization are critical to our success. Therefore, among other important initiatives, we seek to nurture fresh talent by supporting key societies and institutions.

A case in point is our activity in Angola, where last year 42% of all fresh out engineering and geoscientist positions were filled by female applicants. In order to reinforce this positive trend, in 2012, Schlumberger sponsored the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) ‘Women in the Oil Industry’ event, in the nation’s capital, Luanda.

Other important Schlumberger initiatives in Angola included the donations of computers and software to Agostinho Neto University in 2011. In addition, Schlumberger also contributed towards upgrading computer labs in secondary education institutions.

Into the Melting Pot

The ‘Schlumberger Women and Industry’ event focused on sharing experiences, with guest speakers such as the Angolan National Commissioner for Expo, Ms. Albina Assis Africano, an icon in the national arena who possesses remarkable professional and personal career experiences. During the event, female delegates also shared their experiences about working in the oilfield services industry for Schlumberger.

In the audience were distinguished women from various ministries, government institutions, universities and local high schools, including teachers and promising young students.

Through interactive activities, attendees learned from successful women and gained insight into the groundwork needed to conquer today’s technical and personal development challenges. In a dynamic, open and frank debate highlighting valuable ideas and experiences, the various female professionals shared their individual and team successes. The day also provided valuable opportunities for career networking.

Smashing the Glass Ceiling

Dating back from the women’s suffragette movement to the first woman in space, earlier generations have always paved the way for our daughters to fulfill their potential as politicians, leaders, scientists, and engineers. Schlumberger recognizes this potential, providing career opportunities to female recruits, allowing them to prove their abilities from day one.

Schlumberger remains true as ever to its principle of “recruiting where we operate”—by offering equal opportunities to all.

Women in Industry

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