Schlumberger Takes Three First Places at Global Technology Award Ceremony

Date: 12/04/2012

Testament to our relentless research and development programs, Schlumberger was placed first in three categories at the recent World Oil magazine annual technical achievement awards, entitled “Innovations for the Future.”

Schlumberger invests more than 1 billion dollars annually in research and engineering to develop industry-leading tools and services across 65 global research and engineering centers.

Competition was tough—hundreds of entries were scrutinized by judging panels of technology experts, representing a broad cross section of the oil and gas industry. The judges were looking for entries that best represented technology improvements and innovations in hydrocarbon exploration and production.

Schlumberger took the following award categories:

  • Best Drilling Technology—the iPZIG at-bit inclination and natural gamma ray image service is the industry’s first image gamma and inclination tool positioned directly behind the bit, which reduces the reaction time for making critical geosteering decisions, and maintaining the wellbore in the targeted interval.
  • Best Drilling and Completions Fluid—the FlexSEAL advanced flexible expanding cement enables cement to conform to changes that take place during the drilling, production, and abandonment well cycles.
  • Best Exploration Technology—the new Litho Scanner high-definition spectroscopy service provides precise and accurate mineralogy computations, and can determine a stand-alone measure of total organic carbon.
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