Data Scientist

Location: Pune - India

Schlumberger has an opening in Pune, India for Data Scientist. Schlumberger is seeking outstanding data scientists to address highly challenging scientific & engineering problems using modern machine-learning methods. We are seeking scientists and engineers with a strong fundamental understanding of various modern machine-learning methods, and with good experience in a few of the following areas: deep neural networks, reinforcement learning, Markov Random Fields, Bayesian networks, semi-supervised learning, computer vision, image processing, signal processing, distributed computing, and/or numerical optimization. Computer scientists, as well as candidates with a computational physics/biology/chemistry background, along with significant machine-learning knowledge, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Substantial programming experience is expected. Experiences with one or more of the following is highly desirable:  HPC/Parallelization, operationalizing ML models; cloud computing (e.g. Google Cloud, AWS, etc.); familiarity with ML frameworks such as Tensorflow, Theano, MXNet, etc. Experience with big-data technologies such as Hadoop/Spark is a plus too.


  • Design state of the art descriptive, diagnostic and predictive algorithms based on the business requirements
  • Deliver enterprise level analytics solutions to SLB customers
  • Provide analytics solutions in Big data platform which can scale
  • Design distributed, GPU and parallelized algorithms
  • Architect the data science solutions to complex high dimensional data
  • Deep dive on to theoretical and implementation details and provide the solution fundamentals
  • Support architecture and platform team to optimize their operation
  • Provide guidance and mentor developers in data analytics project teams
  • Present and Communicate solution design to business audience
  • Capable to train and gain expertise quickly on new infrastructure tools and all assigned technologies.



  • 5+ years of work experience in data science especially in machine learning, time series analysis / sensor processing, AI/Deep Learning, optimization/operations research, text analytics/NLP, Applied Mathematics, Decision Sciences
  • Experience in building and applying machine learning / predictive modelling in real-world use cases
  • Strong understanding and implementation & solution architecting of predictive / analytical modeling techniques, theories, principles, and practices.
  • Strong theoretical foundations in machine learning, optimization, stochastic process etc
  • Proven ability in designing distributed and parallelized algorithms.
  • Experience in deploying real world solutions in Hive, Spark and other Hadoop Technologies in Cloud and In-premise
  • Excellent knowledge of data mining / predictive modeling tools such as Python, Spark, Tensorflow, Keras, MLlib etc
  • Capable of delivering on multiple competing priorities with little supervision.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.



  • Deep understanding of big data platforms such as Hadoop, Google cloud etc
  • Expert ability to abstract model representations and formulate repeatable models
  • Strong ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong ability to work both autonomously and in a team
  • Strong ability to communicate complex quantitative analysis in a clear, precise, and actionable manner to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Experience in Oil and Gas is a plus.
  • Experience working with, processing and managing large data sets (multi TB scale).
  • Experience in real-time stream processing
  • Keep continuously up to date on all assigned technologies

Pune Technology Center (PuTC)

Schlumberger is leading a digital transformation of the oil and gas industry to enhance real-time global collaboration, operational efficiency, and the integration of data, expertise, and technology information. Our technology services and solutions translate acquired data into useful information that improves decision-making—anytime, anywhere. Our refreshing approach to information technology offers enormous opportunities to enhance efficiency and productivity in our industry. Throughout, we maintain agile methodology and skilled development processes.

Currently, Schlumberger has the fifth largest super computer infrastructure in the world, comprising more than 65 petaflops of processing power. In Pune we have been growing fast and if you have talent and expertise then you may be looking at a challenging and fulfilling career at Schlumberger. Keeping pace with and applying the latest digital technology trends in the oil and gas industry is the main focus of who we are.

Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.



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