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  • Photo of a man and woman in a mobile lab (Tier 1_LearningCenter_Abu Dhabi_MENA_ 8525)
    Defining Testing

    Well and formation tests, which entail taking measurements while flowing fluids from the reservoir, are conducted at all stages in the life of energy fields, from exploration through development, production, and injection. View

  • Photo of a woman but coveralls looking down an abandonment tool in a manufacturing facility (Tier 1_ManufacturingFacility_SugarLand_AML_5427)
    Defining Completions

    Once a well has been drilled to total depth, evaluated, cased, and cemented, engineers complete it by inserting equipment, designed to optimize production, into the hole. View

  • Photo of men in blue coveralls working on rig site - rig in background
    Defining Well Intervention

    Extending the life of producing wells. View

  • Closer view of the 3D Abstract Image for Carbon Capture Sequestration Hero Solution
    Defining Permeability

    Discover how this downhole parameter affects production. View

  • Consulting and Advisory Services
    Defining Geomechanics

    Geomechanics is the study of how soils and rocks deform, sometimes to failure, in response to changes of stress, pressure, temperature and other environmental parameters. View

  • Artificial Lift
    Defining Artificial Lift

    Options and considerations in delivering the ideal system. View

  • Two field engineers walking
    Defining Directional Drilling

    The art of controlling wellbore trajectory. View

  • Rock and Fluid Analysis Card
    Defining Reservoir Engineering

    Application of engineering principles for evaluating and managing reservoirs. View