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One of SLB’s greatest strengths is the diversity of our people. We believe that our ability to attract, develop, motivate, and retain a highly competent and diverse workforce has been paramount to our success for many decades. We recognize that cultivating diversity and promoting inclusion are essential to attracting the best talent from around the world and enabling creativity and innovation to drive business success.

Energy transition and changing geopolitics are growing in their impact on our people and customers. SLB is well positioned from both a people and technology perspective to competitively manage these factors and capture the opportunity that they represent for the company and the countries where we work.

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SLB is proud to provide a career platform that enables a culture of lifelong learning for all employees and is committed to offering borderless careers and making career decisions based on merit. Powering our borderless career philosophy are our talent and mobility practices, which offer employees multiple, flexible career paths to help them acquire the required skills to reach their ambition. 

We provide continuous growth opportunities through a combination of learning and experience. SLB strives to identify talent early and to provide opportunities for those employees who demonstrate exceptional performance and the potential to progress to higher levels within the organization. These opportunities accelerate career development and foster an agile workforce and the next generation of business leaders while providing opportunities to all employees to play a crucial role in the sustainability of the energy industry and beyond.


A career at SLB is a continuous partnership between the company and employees that we encourage and empower our employees to drive. For such, we have an internal portal, myCareer, which enables our people to explore career opportunities, update their career goals, and highlight personal preferences and considerations. The MyCareer portal provides a head start for employees by giving them an understanding as to how careers at SLB are managed for a fulfilling and rewarding career path and is supported by the following:

Career Networking Profile (CNP)

As part of our efforts to encourage and empower employees to drive their career path, we also have the CNP, which acts as our career summary, or internal resume to be used as a networking and career management tool. It consists of a dedicated space where employees can present their work experience, academic background, expertise, professional and/or personal values, and references.

Performance Appraisal (SLP3)

SLP-3 is a key part of career growth within SLB and the process and documentation we use to record employee evaluation and milestones. Every year, all employees receive an evaluation of their performance, feedback for learning and growth, and support in defining the following year’s objectives and plans for personal development.

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We value people

Because our exceptional and diverse people are the pulse and spirit of who we are. Read more about SLB's culture, guiding principles, and commitments to sustainability, employee well-being, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Learning and Development

Learning and development is a collaboration between our employees and us. It starts day one at SLB, preparing and enabling our employees to perform in their current role, next role, and continuously while pursuing long-term career success. Our ability to perform and adapt to new business challenges is strongly linked to the ability of our people to learn and develop skills. Developing skills is fundamental to our employees’ success and to the success of our business.

We believe that high-quality training is fundamental to both our employees’ success and the success of our business. Our ability to adapt to new business challenges is strongly linked to the ability of our people to develop their competencies. We have a global reputation for training exceptional leaders and offering best-in-class support, and we trust in an employee’s ability to handle real responsibility, right away.

Whether in the same role or in a new region, function, or business, throughout their career at SLB, our employees have the opportunity to develop new competencies and gain experience. We see training as a partnership between our employees and SLB. It starts on the first day and is a process of ongoing learning.

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Ensuring our employees understand the importance of sustainability and the role we can all play is key to our strategy. As well as running ongoing employee awareness and engagement campaigns, we have a dedicated online climate-action training program that is available to all employees, with more detailed programs available to key groups. This year, we also rolled out a global online human rights training program. Additionally, the central sustainability team reviewed and piloted professional- and university-led sustainability courses with the aim of extending to the wider organization.

We have a well-earned global reputation for learning and development excellence that gives us trust and assurance in our employees’ ability and readiness to perform their jobs.