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Early Careers

Shape the future of technology with our global trailblazers

Do you thrive on science, data, and innovation? Schlumberger drives technological advancements in one of the world’s most dynamic industries, continually pushing the limits of what is possible in a work environment that brings out the best in each team member. Our multidisciplinary teams have an insatiable appetite for innovation, and we help them explore their passions through continuous research, learning, training, and development opportunities.

Wherever you join us, we’ll match your academic background and interests to one of our exciting roles. Join a global community of innovators who challenge conventions and shape the future of technology together. You have the power to move the needle. Your impact starts today.

Technology Development
We partner with the best universities and worldwide forums to lead our technology development. Collaborate with industry leaders and domain experts as you grow your own future within the Schlumberger community.
We are driven to design a new technology landscape. We offer endless opportunities for trailblazers ready to rise to the challenge and make a real difference. Inspire us and your peers by sharing your innovative ideas in our technology forums.
Schlumberger’s technology ecosystem has redefined our industry. The industry's Number One global technology provider, Schlumberger is consistently a step ahead of the curve in science, innovation, and technology. We empower every team member to take an active role in shaping the future with us.

Digital Technology

Power innovation through data

Engineering and Manufacturing

Transform ideas into solutions

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Technology Development

Development Program

Continuous learning and evolution is part of the Schlumberger DNA. To support your professional growth, from the day you start, we offer you an environment that helps you continually expand your knowledge, skills, and ambitions. We provide all the training you need to advance quickly within your role and realize your full potential. Our learning and development program is flexible and agile, designed to support your growth as you contribute to your team and key business goals.

The Schlumberger Software Technology and Innovation Center (STIC)
Defining Digital

How we support you


Around the world

We are known for the international opportunities we offer. If your career takes you outside your home country, we support you with all the necessary arrangements to make your global adventure happen.



To achieve your potential

At Schlumberger, there are no limits to what you can achieve. Our technology development teams have an insatiable appetite for innovation, and we help explore their passions through continuous learning, training, and development opportunities.

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