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Commercial and Business

Early Careers

Commercial and Business

Our commercial and business teams ensure we’re continuing to build an agile organization that is ready to lead the future. You’ll gain a truly unique insight into the energy industry and what it takes to develop and maintain a globally-leading business. You’ll also learn how our commitment to doing what’s right, not what’s easiest translates into our day-to-day business decisions that help us achieve our ambition to become the best-run company in the world. That ambition and the determination to realize it creates a working environment that will help you achieve your full potential, faster.

Commercial and Business

Qualification Matrix

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Use our qualification matrix to understand which role best suits your academic background and experience.

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Keep us on track for the future

Human Resources

Develop our most important asset

Human Resources Jobs

Compensation & Benefits Analyst

As a Compensation and Benefits Analyst, you’ll work as part of a team that builds employee packages that balance competitiveness and sustainability.

HR Representative

HR Representatives support employees and managers on important issues such as hiring, relocation, benefits, career development, performance, compensation, and promotions.

HR Analyst

As an HR Analyst, you’ll drive our understanding of our people and use that analysis to make better decisions about how we support those people to do great work.

Transaction Administrator

Our Transactions Administrators are responsible for making sure Personnel actions happen effectively and efficiently.

Information Technology

Deliver the foundations for our future

Sales and Commercial

Connect customers to our solutions

Supply Chain

Be part of making a global business work

Logistics Specialist

Our Logistics Specialists coordinate the delivery of all shipments to the field. You’ll continually evaluate how we move items and equipment in your given area to drive process improvements that deliver even greater services and efficiencies.

Materials Specialist

Schlumberger Material Specialists develop and deliver the processes that make sure our materials are received, stored and issued in compliance with procedure and able to facilitate our work. Apply Now

Procurement Specialist

As a Procurement Specialist, you’ll find the quality goods and services we need to build and maintain our advanced oilfield products and negotiate a price that meets our needs.

Sourcing Specialist

Our Sourcing Specialists build and manage relationships with suppliers to make our sourcing process more efficient.

Commercial and Business

Development Program

As a trainee, you’ll start a structured development program as soon as you join us. This is an industry-leading planned approach to development that combines state-of-the-art learning center courses, hands-on experience, and continuous technical development to help you perform to an exceptional level and achieve your potential. There’s a lot to learn when you start but you’ll constantly reinforce your understanding by applying it in your day-to-day work. Our commitment to continuous learning means you’ll be encouraged and supported to keep developing your skills and technical expertise throughout your career.

How we support you


Around the world

We are known for the international opportunities we offer. If your career takes you outside your home country we support you with all the necessary arrangements to make your global adventure happen.



To achieve your potential

We’ll give you real responsibility and opportunities to make a difference to our work early on. Your colleagues and managers will help you with your work and be invested in your development.

How to Apply

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The recruiting team will then review your application and you will be contacted if we have a position we feel you are qualified for.
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