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We’re proud to employ thousands of former military personnel.

Your military experience can be to key to a world of new opportunity. Take the skills and expertise you’ve developed from service and apply them to the rapidly changing energy industry. And with a supportive leader in SLB, you’ll be set up for success here and beyond.

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From service to SLB

Some of the same values instilled in military service make us who we are at SLB: discipline, drive, and teamwork toward a common goal. Here you’ll find a fast-paced, solution-oriented work environment, always expanding with room to grow. Whether you’re in the field or office, your skills can transfer to another rewarding career.

Skilled Operator Roles

Natural fits for former military

While you can thrive in any role at SLB, many former military personnel find purpose and fulfilment in our skilled operator roles. Explore your options and find the best fit for you.

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Learning and Development

Your success is our priority. That’s why we believe in continuous learning from day one through your entire career. At SLB, you’ll be equipped with the training, skills and opportunities to take on any mission with confidence.

Rewards and benefits

We’re here to help you thrive as a professional and a person. Benefit packages vary, but they may typically include:

We have you covered

Transitioning from service to a civilian career can be an adjustment. Luckily, SLB has a thriving community of former military personnel. Here are a few things to think about to help strengthen your application:

  • Research your options. Which of our four focus areas is most interesting to you?
  • Review your resume. Are you conveying your skills and experience the best way?
  • Decide on a role based on your current skills. What are you ready to jump into, and what do you want to learn?
  • Be confident in your military experience. What unique skills and parts of your background will be an asset at SLB?

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How to Apply

  1. Click "Sign In" at the top right of the page and complete the “Register” form. You need to be registered and signed in to apply. 

  2. Check your email, you will be sent a verification link to confirm your registration. Click on that link to complete your registration and create your account.

  3. Once logged in, browse available positions and programs. Click the apply now button to begin your application process, complete, and then click submit.


  1. Upon application submission, you will be sent a confirmation email containing your application ID number.
  2. If there is a potential opportunity that matches your skills, a member of our recruiting team will contact you via email.