SLB Technology Returnship Program

Pivot from career break to driving innovation with our technology returnships

People working at manufacturing facility, Sugar Land, TX
Close up photo of a woman with a machined tool at a manufacturing facility in Sugar Land, TX

Come back to the workforce stronger and prepared

Pausing your career to pursue other priorities is important and should not stand in the way of your next chapter. And now, you’re ready to help develop technologies and create solutions that drive the energy transition. So we created the SLB Technology Returnship program for you. We are looking for experienced and passionate engineers eager to return to technology after a break of two or more years.

This 3-months paid returnship refreshes your technical skills with technical training suited for your key job responsibilities, along with professional development and peer mentoring with full access to SLB technical communities. We designed our returnship with an intent to hire—i.e., the possibility of becoming a full-time employee after program completion with a technology leader in the energy industry.

Join us in taking on the world’s greatest energy balancing act alongside others who have been where you are, who understand and appreciate nontraditional career journeys, unique skills, and life experience like yours.

Are you supercharged, engaged, and ready to join and innovate in the energy sector? Don’t hesitate. Explore your opportunities today.

Eligibility: Technical contributors in engineering, software, or IT with 5 or more years of experience after 2 years or more of a career break

Program Duration and Features: 3 months

Types of Roles:

  • Electrical engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Chemist or chemical engineer
  • Electomagnetics physicist
  • Modeling and simulation engineer
  • Power electronics engineer
  • Software engineer
  • General engineering
  • And more

Locations: US, India, and UK with more to come

Our returnship program is for those rejoining the workforce after

  • Starting a family
  • Caring for family member
  • Teaching
  • Serving your community
  • Fulfilling military service
  • Exploring entrepreneurial ventures
  • Serving in political office
  • Continuing education

Applications for fall 2023 are now closed. New positions will be posted in the spring 2024.

Photo of a woman woking on a laptop at the manufacturing facility in Houston, TX

Are you ready?

We seek exceptional ready-to-steer prospects across a multidisciplinary technology landscape who are passionate about using technology to solve challenges once deemed “unsolvable.”

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